We sell both Marble and Kosmolux (re-consituted marble) statues. All of our statues are imported from Italy and are of the finest quality.

Kosmolux statues are a much lighter weight than marble but still maintain the original look of solid marble. However they are less than half the price of marble statues.

Angel G320 Angel G321 Angel G88 Angel G87
madonnaG166 sacredheartofjesus146 saintanthonyandchildG221
Madonna Bronze G2091 Madonna G166 Sacred Heart Of Jesus 146 Saint Anthony And Child G221
Saint Joseph And Child G2026      

Marble Statues

All of our marble statues are all hand carved from carrara marble by skilled stonemasons in Italy making each design truly unique.

Below are some of the marble statues that we have in stock.

jesus prayingmadonna
Holy Family Jesus Praying Madonna Sacred Heart
Sanit & Child