Monument Restorations & General Services for Western Australia

Custom Designs

Monuments can be made to suit your individual requirements. They can be made from
local, Western Australian granites or from imported stone. Our staff are able to assist
you in creating something special for your loved one. Customized work has also been
completed in marble for St Mary’s Cathedral, New Norcia monastery and various
other churches in WA.


We specialise in restorations and have restored many of the Monuments at the old
East Perth Cemetery for the National Trust. Our staff have completed restoration
work on many of the War Memorial throughout Western Australia and as well as
many churches including New Norcia monastery.


When adding another inscription to an existing monument PMW staff can match
existing inscriptions. Many inscriptions completed before 2000 were inscribed either
by machine or by hand in lead lettering and are difficult to match. Most inscriptions
are computer generated today, they can be matched exactly. With any of the older
inscriptions it is possible to achieve a close match using computer generated lettering.
However, when an exact match is needed our staff are able to do this for you.

Foundation stones

Many buildings have a foundation stone at the front of their building giving a history
of the building for future generations. PMW have created many of these over the
years. The majority of them being an Italian marble panel, with lead lettering, so that
the foundation stone lasts the lifetime of the building. The old York Town hall bears
testament to the longevity of these stones. Those plaques are 100 years old and were
refurbished only last year (2011). Indoor plaques can be made of granite with Gold
Leaf inscriptions as the weather does not affect their longevity.

Custom Design

Custom Design for St John Murdoch

Custom Designa for St Mary's Ossuary