There are many different methods to inscribe text onto stone. Mostly this is a personal choice, however the type of stone often dictates what is the most suitable.
Some of the methods are listed below:


Lead inscriptions on marble create an elegant and timeless contrast. It is a traditional method of inscribing marble headstones. Each character is carved into the marble and then filled with lead which is beaten in by hand. The surface is then carefully polished to create a smooth, velvety finish.




Gold Leaf

Inscriptions completed in goldleaf are truly beautiful. Each of the letters are carved into the granite stone after which a base liquid is painted into the carved area in preparation for the gold leaf.

The rice-paper thin goldleaf is then carefully brushed over each letter to make your chosen inscription contrast elegantly with the vivid colours of the granite stone. PMW use Gold Leaf sourced from Germany made to
Monumental Masonry standards using 23 carat Goldleaf.


Raised Lead

This is a very old and traditional way of placing an inscription on granite headstones. It is rarely used today. PMW is very fortunate in that we have workmen who are skilled in this art and are able to match older work that may need updating or for adding to an existing inscription.

This type of work can be seen in the old East Perth Cemetery and older parts of some of the Metropolitan Cemeteries. Staff at PMW are
often called on to undertake this type of work.

Sand blasted

This type of inscription is not suitable for the lighter coloured stones and works best on black granite. When the letters are cut into a polished black surface they become a dull grey colour and will remain readable for the life of the stone. The only time one is not be able to read the text is when it is raining.

Polished letters

This can be likened to a reverse way of inscribing text into stone, where the background is cut away from the letters.


Inscriptions can be painted various colours instead of being filled with Gold Leaf. Many choose to have black or white paint. While this looks very nice initially it does have a limited lifespan.

The lifespan depends mostly on how much the weather; wind bore water, sand etc impact on the paint. A painted inscription would be expected to last about five to eight years.





Lead Lettering

Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf






Sand Blasted